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Self Stirring Mug

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You current make coffee by mixing coffee powder with hot water, then stir with a spoon. How troublesome it is, don't you think so?

Now, imagine all you need is to mix the powder and hot water into the Self Stirring Mug, then just sit back and relax. All you need to do is to gently push the button, and you will have your well-mixed coffee for the day. The Self Stirring Mug works in silence, and it can go up to 3000 resolutions per minute - nothing can't be mixed in this speed.

The Self Stirring Mug is made mainly with PC shell material, an environmental friendly material which could reduce any sort of health risk. Its lid is made of PP lid with silicone ring, sealed and watertight.

If you're planning to buy a gift, this is your BEST choice ever.

Capacity: 400 mL
Height: 6.3 inches
Width (include handle): 4.5 inches
Material: Plastic

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Self Stirring Mug