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Smart Handheld USB Rechargeable Smoothie Shakes Maker Blender

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Looking for great fruit and veggie juice maker? Then this mini-sized smart blender is the perfect option for you. This blender comes with a no-power wireless feature, has the ideal size that makes it easy for you to travel with and make fresh juice on the go. You can take this flask for a picnic, the beach, and other places.
  • Excellent performance
  • Perfect option for fresh juice drinks and treats
  • Flexible blending option
  • Great for traveling
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Great safety features

Handheld fruit shake
Smoothie Maker
Perfect Option For Fresh Juice Drinks And Treats
You can blend all your fruit
and veggies with this blender
to get your perfect drink. You
can make your shakes in your
home, beach, picnic, or
when traveling.
This blender was expertly
designed to ensure ease of
use, stress-free grinding, and
safety. The blender comes
with a 7.4V grinder that
provides maximum
This blender comes with a
smart feature that
automatically switches off the
grinder anytime the blender is
separated, whether
accidentally or deliberately.
Great For TravelingThis mini-blender fits the bill if you have to travel and need an emergency blender to make fresh homemade shakes. It is exceptionally lightweight, fast, and safe to use.
The Perfect Smoothie MakerThe blender's small size makes it easy for you to make a fast shake without having to go through the usual stress that comes with an average blender. It also comes in more than one color, so you get to choose the one that suits your taste.
Charge. Shake. Enjoy.
The quick clip magnetic
charging interface makes it
easy to plug in wherever
you go. Charge it for 2-4
hours and you are
ready to go.
This blender works quite well
as a flask as it has a small
opening where you can drink
directly from. It is mini-sized
and has a rotating speed
of 25000 rpm.
This blender is made with FDA
approved PCTG material that is
Material: High-quality plastic, glass, and stainless steel rotating grinder.
Colors (cap): White, Pink, and Navy blue.
Rotating speed: 25000 rpm
Power: 35V
Voltage: 9V
Capacity: 300ml
Method of use: No-power wireless bending
Charging: USB cord
You can use water and washing soap. The coil is protected with water-resistant plastic, so there is no real risk as long as there is no damage to the rubber.
It rotates at the speed of 25000 rpm and can take contents of up to 300ML.
As long as you would be able to maintain it. It is made with top quality materials and smart technology that ensure maximum performance.
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