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Heated Vest

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The winter weather has arrived. No matter which outdoor activities you prefer: walking, camping, hiking, skiing, riding a bike, or even attending football matches. This vest will keep you warm. 

At the touch of a button it will heat up your back and neck area. The design is modern and casual but it also has a powerful in-built heating system concealed within. 

Forget about dozens of layers of clothes to keep you warm, the vest can be worn under a winter jacket and you are ready to go. 

  • Heats up at the touch of a button
  • Releases heat within a minute
  • Up to 10 hours of heat output
  • Temperature control
  • Main Materials: Polyester and Cotton


Staying Warm Is Beneficial For Your Health

This Heated Vest not only warms you up in the cold weather but it also activates various functions between the skin and promotes metabolism, prevents you from getting a cold, relieves muscle pain and increases your body's overall energy.


How does it work?

One Touch... And it Starts to Heat Up

Put it on as any casual vest, connect it with any 5V Portable Charger (PowerBank) (there are in-built special inner pocket and USB Port for the PowerBank) and simply press the button.


3 Intelligent Heat Settings

    Warm: 45℃ (113℉)
    Comfortable: 35℃ (95℉)
    Energy Saving: 25℃ (77℉)

    The heat settings allow you to change the level of warmth with the push of a button, simply press and hold until the color changes.



    Releases heat within a minute... and stay warm for up to 10 hours

    Warm Mode: 4-6 hours 
    Comfortable Mode: 6-8 hours 
    Energy Saving Mode: 8-10 hours

    Feel the instant cozy feeling which lasts up to 10 hours. You will avoid freezing this winter with this stylish and powerful vest. Enjoy any outdoor activities and forget about the cold.


    Powered By A PowerBank

    Its heating system is powered by any portable mobile charger (Powerbank*) V5/2.0A. The Vest is compatible with 95% of PowerBanks in the market.

    Inside the Heated Vest there is a special inner pocket and built-in USB Port for conveniently connecting with any PowerBank. 

    *PowerBank is not included

    100% Safe Infrared Heat

    Japanese Toray Carbon Fibre Heating Wire

    Latest 2019 Carbon Fibre Heating Technology ensures safe non-harmful, free of radiation – infrared heating. The vest is protected from overheating, if for any reason the internal temp exceeds 60°C / 140°F, the implanted sensor will be triggered to turn off the power immediately. You may turn it back on after the vest cools down.



    Waterproof, Windproof & Machine Washable

    Like any other piece of clothing, this Heated Vest is very easy to care for. Machine and hand washable – just don’t forget to remove the battery. For its protection,  wash the heated vest in a laundry bag. Do not iron and hang dry it after washing.

    Modern Improved Design

    Comfortable, improved elasticity, super lightweight and designed to be suitable any occasion from formal meetings to sports activities.



    Improved neck coverage and heating intensity, convenient and smooth zipper. 


    Both side pockets with zippers, elastic shoulders – improves motion, soft and waterproof fabric (polyester fiber and cotton).

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    S M L XL
    in cm in cm in cm in cm
    Shoulder 15.3 39 15.7 40 16.1 41 16.5 42
    Chest 40 102 41 106 43 110 44.8 114
    24.8 63 25.6 65 26.3 67 27.1 69
    2XL 3XL 4XL
    in cm in cm in cm
    Shoulder 16.9 43 17.7 45 18.1 46
    Chest 46.4 118 48 122 49.6 126
    28 71 28.7 73 29.5 75
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